Mmmm... cookies!

Here is a selection–*ahem* two types–of cookies that I have baked recently. These shortbread cookies and chocolate chip cookies turned out well. My baking skills are finally improving!

{begin rant} 
There is nothing worse than going through the measurement conversions (somehow they are never in the 'right' units), all the mixing (my poor little arms) and the trepidation of the baking process only to end up with rock-hard cookies or a soft-centered cake. (I do not do cakes for this very reason... I hate when I turn the cake out of the pan and either it stubbornly refuses to come out or the middle falls out prematurely revealing a rawish Humpty-Dumpty cake that cannot be put back together again.)

Then again, these are all things that can be remedied with a little [read: a lot] of practice! :)

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