The Christmas Wishes Project, 2011

I had a lot of fun researching my response to Miss Cathie's original post, in which she beckons us to join in the festive indulgences of the season as we also take time to reflect on the deeper meaning.

Most of my wishes of late have been for things that are befitting a lifelong dreams wishlist, some of which can not be bought at all. So it was refreshing to revel in a little (I use the word loosely!) online window shopping. This list was compiled with a dose of fancifulness—my real list is much more modest, heavy on the gift cards and largely unspoken.

But should a secret Santa wish to surprise me…

  1. - Vintage Trinket Box: the lady in this ornate example lifts off as the lid!
  2. - The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes: with gilt edging and original Strand illustrations
  3. - Black, Full-length Winter Coat: preferably with front placket though I like this one too!
  4. - Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
  5. - Bicycle: sit-up-and-beg style with rear pannier
  6. - Oxford Latin Dictionary: this new one comes out in 2012. Special pre-order??
  7. - Mirror: with ornate leaf border design
  8. - Cute little house: after all I need someplace to put numbers 1 through 7!
    To see more cute houses, please visit AmericanVintageHome on Flickr.

Wishing that everyone gets a little closer to their dreams this Christmas!

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  1. ♥ I saw this only just now!! The winter coat is lovely. I hope I managed to make Mr. Holmes come true for you last year... ^_^